Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Gift List

My least favorite question in the whole world is "So what would you like for (insert gift giving occasion)?" I hate being put on the spot like that and can never think of an answer to the question. I have painstakingly compiled a list of gifts for me, my husband and the boys so that all my relatives can read it and quit harassing me already.

The boys
  • I am sure that they would love someone to crochet them a couple of these ultra adorable guinea pigs
  • The boys always love books, books and more books. They might even want a few more books. And there is always the option of getting them more books and more books and more books. Hey, they don't have lead paint on them and they take up a lot less space than most toys.
The Husband (I had to pry these out of him, he is such a hard person to shop for and get a gift list from)
  • Both seasons of My Hero
  • The RM
  • This list would not be complete with out a computer game and Oblivion is the one he has been drooling over for quite some time.
  • He also needs a new watch
  • Yarn is always a nice gift
  • This scarf is the cutest ever! I love the dark green dragon.
  • I hate having to keep digging up my instructions on how to do the Kitchener.
  • I would love it if someone knit up a pair of these for me.
  • A set of pretty stitch markers would also be very handy as I have been using bits of yarn that I keep loosing.
So there you go. I don't want to hear that awful question again until my birthday.


PJ said...

I have a hard time shopping for my husband, he doesn't NEED another sweater;)

That game looks good, he loves games. Not much time to play though.

Love your lists:)

Steph said...

I am so with you! I hate answering that question. I also love books as gifts. My kids will be getting lots of these, as well as some art/crafty supplies and games :)

Nanette said...

At least you were able to come up with a list. Sigh. :)

Damselfly said...

I like the fact books don't have the lead or date-rape drug contamination factor. Yay, books!

The Laundress said...

omigawd! PLEASE, would somebody gift me with a fantastic crocheted guinea pig!

Gabriela said...

great idea for a post!!! I like it.