Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday cuteness

This week has been pretty boring so I am having a tough time coming up with something cute that the kids did this week. A lot of my time has been me trying not to scream at the boys and keeping my temper firmly in check. They are coming down from the vacation and getting pretty much whatever they wanted while they were at Grandma's house. Another thing that has been driving me nuts is that Evan is on a physical therapy break. His therapist is in Switzerland visiting her family for six weeks. I am fine with the break, they are good for Evan but it leaves me at loose ends as far as my schedule goes. I am just so used to having that in my week that a week with nothing planned is a bit disconcerting. I had a thrilling dream about having a flat tire and watching my husband change it, I think that pretty much sums up my week.

On to the cuteness. Evan is now tall enough that he is too tall to be using the five point harness in his car seat. I finally took it out and he is using the car seat as a booster seat with the regular seat belt. This bothers Evan to no end. All his life he has been buckled into a car seat. He keeps telling me that his car seat is broken now.

Harry loves to wander around the living room with a clear toy box on his head. It is his version of playing peek a boo. He also has this new game with me where I put a pen in my mouth and then will take the other end into his mouth using only his mouth. He also loves it when I spit the pen out.


chelle said...

Wow! Becca is pretty tall, I am so not ready to put her in a booster yet :)

Cute pic!

We rented Eragon last night ... It was a good flic!

Jenifer said...

What is it with kids and things on their heads. My daughter is always putting things on her head and then running into walls and knocking things over!!

Zephra said...

Zakary is into putting an empty trash can on walking into walls.

Nanette said...

Evan must be tall! I still have mine in the five point. I think they will probably react the same way when they move to the boosters.

Damselfly said...

Maybe you can play pretend physical therapy? ;)