Thursday, August 30, 2007


We went to the beach today with one of my mom friends and her kids. It was quite fun and the boys had a blast. The only super bad thing about the day was that I ended up with a sunburn. I am normally very careful about slathering on the sunscreen (as a child I got a lot of bad burns and I finally decided that I did not like getting bad burns and increasing my chance at getting skin cancer) but I forgot my legs. Normally when we go to the beach the water is so cold that if you do wade you don't wade for very long. This time we went to a new (to me) beach where there was a creek that made a nice shallow pool of fresh water for the kids to play in. I had to roll up my pant legs so that I could get in the water with the boys and keep the daredevil harry from going into the deeper areas.

Here is a little secret: I had not planned on showing off my blindingly white legs because I had not shaved them recently. Now I will not be shaving them for even longer. I am going be be wearing long skirts for awhile.

Here is Evan all decked out in his cool shades. He fell in the water multiple times and ended up with a lot of sand in his diaper. I think he kind of looks like a college frat boy in this outfit.

I was drawn to this outfit because it looks like one of those old timey bathing suits. Harry turned it into a bathing suit and it's one piece construction kept Harry's diaper sand free. He is also wearing Evan's water shoes from last summer. Poor Evan had to go barefoot since I had neglected to buy him a pair for this summer. They are very handy shoes, if you go to the beach a lot, which we don't really despite the large number of beach pictures that I have been posting lately.


Summer said...


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Take 3 motrin every 6 hours for your sunburn. I had a bad bad burn once and I was AMAZED at how well the motrin helped!

Gina said...

I agree with Karen, the motrin does help!

And I love those little beach shoes!

PJ said...

I do NOT like sunburns.

Looks like a fun day!

chelle said...

eeps sorry to read about your sunburn. I hope you heal quickly!

The boys looks wonderful at the beach. I miss the beach :)

Jenifer said...

Evan looks totally cool.

Very college boy :) The girls are in trouble!!

fancypantsnancy said...

Thank Evan for the pictures he sent. K?

Vicky said...

Owie indeed!

As well as the painkillers, drink lots of water and take coolish baths with a good slug of baking soda in the water. You can leave the water in all day and get in and out as the stinging demands.

Your lads have grown even this summer - huuuge they are!