Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Evan dinged 6!

February was an odd month, it seemed to last forever then BAM! it was over and I was rushing to make birthday preparations for Evan. We are also in perpetual cold land and days after I finally stopped coughing I got sick again with another cold which is why I have been rather quiet. It is hard to concentrate on blogging when your head is killing you due to your sinuses being packed full of snot.

On a more fun note, here are pictures of Evan's big day.

Evan's cake.

You may wonder why there is a tank on a flower cake or why there are flowers on a tank cake. Well here's the thing.. the tank cake looked like it had splotches of mold on it which was not terribly appetizing. I could not think of anything else to suggest to put on the cake other than flowers... so there are flowers on the cake. I know the lady taking my order thought I was nuts.

Evan didn't care what the frosting looked like, he just wanted the tank.

Here he is "shooting" mom. He also "shot" grandpa on the phone later that evening but grandpa had no idea what was going on since video phones are not in common use.

Evan with his presents. He had a blast with them so I know I picked well.


Bob said...

Very cool cake, my son would be too young to appreciate its uberness.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Evan! Looks like he's having lots of fun with his toys.
Think that flowers and tanks go together fine---- and flowers being so much nicer than mold!
Getting a new cold right after an old cold is the pits.
Mike and I had the same cold at nearly the same time, and it took 14 days to get rid of the cough. It seemed that half of Humboldt County with coughing with us.

chichimama said...

Happy birthday Evan!!!

Laurie said...

Happy birthday Evan! I think the flowers look pretty and besides, Evan is too young to know the difference.