Monday, February 15, 2010


Ok so I have been rather quiet of late. I still have a nagging cough which was keeping me up at night but has finally decided to let me sleep. February has decided to be a busy month and my calendar is packed full of things that I must attend to. Daniel is rapidly growing and developing new tricks, one of which is pulling up into a standing position. His crawling had also gotten a lot better and he is great at finding thing to put in his mouth that I missed when I try and pick up everything he should not have. I also have two deadline knitting projects one of which I know I will not get done.

Oh look something shiny!!!


Vicky said...

I know I say it often, but your boys are SO ALIKE!!! It is amazing, spread out triplets!

Very, very cute. All three of them.

Hope the cough lets up soon and so does all the busy-ness.

Zephra said...

No denying they are brothers. I remember Zain used to love to eat chalk and rocks.

Anonymous said...

Daniel looks like a happy boy who is eager to go!!
February is turning out to be a busy month for us----especially next week.
There's something up every night.
Mike has a persistent cough that comes and goes. It was a real problem when he tried to talk on the phone last night.

Tama said...

They grow up way too fast! Can't believe it! Cute boys!