Friday, March 26, 2010

The last batch of pictures

These are the pictures from our visit to the state history museum. They were having a special car exhibit that was actually was a bit of a let down in my humble opinion (not enough cars). We made the best of it though and I think the kids had fun.

I kept trying to get a picture of Daniel petting the buffalo fur but he kept looking at the camera and hamming it up. He is so cute it was impossible to get frustrated with him.

Evan and Harry were a little more cooperative.

I was not able to take the stroller up to see the part of the train the boys wanted to see so I kept moving and snapped a few pictures. The boys thought it was super funny to see me down there when they were up there.

Daniel taking a ride on a carousel horse in the children's play area.

Too cute for words!

There was a playground outside so we let them run around while my husband went back to ask about the nature trails that he had heard were in the area. We had a nice walk and the weather was great. Sadly we got snow the next day which made me very sad.

Harry barely paused long enough from his running around to let me take this picture.

Evan mad that Harry is in his rightful driving spot. I pulled them apart before blood was shed.


Crunchyconmommy said...

I felt the same way about the car exhibit... we were there on St. Patrick's Day! Now that the weather is (FINALLY) starting to improve, we'll have to try to meet up one day!

chelle said...

Looks like a fun playground!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Looks like lots of fun. Ridem cowboy, Daniel!

Ginger said...

that looks like a really fun place to visit. daniel is thinning out :(