Monday, November 02, 2009


Halloween is over but the candy still lingers. The boys got quite a haul between the ward trunk or treat and going around the neighborhood. I think the quality of the candy has also improved since last year, one of our neighbors was giving out king sized candy bars.

The Pumpkins

Evan's pumpkin. He drew the shapes on the face (except for the mouth) and I carved them. Now that the pumpkin is a little less fresh, the expression has changed into one of a pumpkin just about to blow an aneurysm. The teeth are less pointy so the mouth is more open and "what the heck!" looking.

Harry's pumpkin which was carved by my husband. The mouth is an homage to Daniel although Daniel's lone tooth at the time was on the bottom not the top (a fact that my husband did not appreciate me pointing out. The pumpkins this year were given to us by a great friend (thanks again Beth!) and a billion times easier to carve than the ones we had last year. Last year we had to get out the cordless drill to even pierce the skin of the pumpkins!

The Costumes

Harry's costume may look familiar as it was Evan's costume last year. For awhile Harry was insisting that he got to be a cat again even though he barely fit the costume last year. I finally convinced him that he could indeed wear Evan's costume from last year and nothing bad would happen.

Evan's dragon costume is a loaner (thanks again Beth!). We had a bit of drama with it. Evan wore it to school on the Wednesday before Halloween for the school party and parade. When he came home the pants were missing. A frantic call to Evan's teacher turned up nothing. I was rather bummed that the pants were missing since the costume was not ours to keep. Then on Monday morning as I was getting the kids in coats to leave for school I saw tucked in Evan's sleeve a pair of green pants (pale green pants with nobody inside them). They had been there the whole time!!! The weather had been rather warm (or rainy so we were staying indoors) so his coat had not been in use which is how I missed seeing them sooner.

Cuteness!!! This little guy was Friend Bear (a care bear for those not in the know). This was also Evan's first costume and they both looked adorable in it. This picture was taken five seconds before Daniel had an epic melt down due to over stimulation from the ward party. He went to bed early which really killed me when he woke up at 5am thanks to the time change.

The Celebrations

Here is Harry with one of his preschool teachers during the costume parade at school. The pictures are rather blurry, they were moving fast and I had a baby strapped to me.

Evan and his para during the parade. He was quite excited to see me there as you can tell.

At the ward party there was a game where you popped balloons and got the candy inside. Harry and Evan had a bit of trouble popping them. Harry even sat on his and was not able to get it to pop. Eventually my husband got his keys out to help them out.


mommytoalot said...

Awwww how adorable. those costumes certainly look comfy and warm. Love the jack o lanterns.

chelle said...

Oooo they boys are so adorable in their costumes!

Midlife Midwife said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, they great! I loved our trunk or treat. :-)

Heather said...

Looks like a fun Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Halloween photos!
With everything going on with both Grandmas, was refreshing to see photos of your 3 little guys enjoying the holiday.

Tama said...

Cuteness all the way around!

Amber said...

Looks like an epic Halloween. Such fun pictures!

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Hey, now I want to know what a pumpkin just about to blow an aneurysm looks like. Can we get a photo of that or has it already died? Very cute bunch of boys! See you soon.


ParkerMama said...

What a cute crew you have! I'm glad you had a great Halloween.