Friday, October 23, 2009

It is like herding cats

On Thursday the Kindergartners went on their first ever field trip. Evan's teacher asked me if I would come along and I arranged it so I could. I thought it would be exciting to go along and I was right, it was just not quite the exciting I had been thinking about. There were 58 kids total. Luckily Evan's class had enough parents coming a long that the groups were at most two kids. The other classes were no so lucky and had much bigger groups. Evan's para went along and helped out with another class. The noise was epic. It makes me wonder how the teachers keep their hearing after having to listen to it all day long. We were finished with enough time that I could have gone home before having to go back to school to pick Evan up, but I ended up buying come chocolate and sitting in my car listening to the silence.

First stop, making pizza at Cici's pizza.

First you put the sauce on.

Then the cheese.

Then the peperoni (Evan just dumped the entire container on the pizza and coudl not understand why I had him spread them out more evenly).

Then we wait for it to cook.

And there is the finished pizza! Time to eat. The adults got to eat pizza that was not made by Kindergartners.

On to the museum of history

Looking through the window section of a piece of one of the first permanent wooden houses in Kansas.

Look a train!


Vicky said...

Ha ha! I bet YOU slept well that night! But Evan looks like he had a wonderful time and I know that the teachers were very grateful for you coming along too, so on the whole, a great day, yeah?!

I forgot to say before, I love the halloween bloggy theme!

Heather said...

I love volunteering for Kindergarten field trips. They are so much fun.

Amber said...

OHMYgoSh. A lot going on but I'm sure Evan had a blast!

Jamie said...

I admire you! I bake and fry burger for taco fundraisers, I buy magazines and make fruit trays I will do just about anything but NO field trips! I told the girls this as soon as they moved in. They don't like it but I stand firm - there is so little I stand firm on....

Tama said...

Ha, ha, ha! Ya, I've made the mistake of going on field trips with young children before. I can totally relate to the chocolate and sitting in the car "listening to the silence" thing. The one time I went on the bus with the kids--ONLY ONCE!

I'll bet Evan loved every minute of it though!

Anonymous said...

Making pizza, how fun! Looks like Evan had a great time, and hopefully, your hearing is back to normal.
Also great that so many parents came along to help.