Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Manic Monday

Yesterday was insane! It was insane is a pretty good way (for the most part) but still insane.

Evan's kindergarten class made a Thanksgiving dinner to have at for lunch and of course parents were needed to help out and make sure that the kids were not picking their noses and then touching the food. It was fun and there were plenty of parents to help supervise. Evan's class seems particularly blessed with a lot of willing and helpful parents. I think we are the envy of the other kindergarten classes because we seem to always have more parents helping with things than the other classes. As usual Evan was very excited to have me in school with him.

Later in the afternoon Daniel had his checkup. He is a healthy little guy and hitting all his milestones and growth curves. He was not thrilled with all the shots he got but quickly shook it off to flirt with the nurses.

During all my rushing around the weather was awful. We had our first snow of the season which had the kids all excited but mom not so much. I now realize why my parents were less than thrilled when it snowed. Yeah it looks pretty, but it is not fun having to drive in the stuff. I think my doctor has jinxed me or something becuase every time we go and see him the weather is terrible. Thankfully the snow did not stick around and we are just stuck with cold rain. Brrr!


Magpie said...

Snow! Ack! We've been, luckily, having unseasonably lovely weather.

Anonymous said...

Yes, snow is beautiful, but no fun to drive in! And the slick ice that sometimes comes after a snowstorm can be down right scary!
I remember going to several kindergarten dinners. Children so delighted when parents come to these events----makes it worth the effort.