Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and that's the tooth

Yesterday while I was holding Daniel at Evan's OT appointment I felt a tooth in his little mouth. I knew that this was imminent due to his general crankiness of late and I am hoping that now that this one is cut we will have a bit of a break. I don't have any pictures, it is not like you would see it any way but I do have pictures of him eating solid food for the first time. We introduced solids almost a month ago and he is taking to them like a fish to water. He is starting to expect that at dinner time he will be getting some food too and when I try and skip it he will start fussing at me. I make him a baby mush with some pureed veggie or fruit mixed with the oatmeal baby cereal and a scoop of formula.

A big messy smile!


A hot off the press taken today picture. Daniel's new favorite toy. He finally has the trunk strength to play in his exersaucer. This kid has amazingly great trunk strength due to his odd love of tummy time. Harry and Evan loathed tummy time, but every time I put Daniel on the floor for play time he rolls right over on to his stomach.

Daniel's favorite toy on the exersaucer thanks to his teething.


Jamie said...

I hope you get a bit of a teething break as well - great pictures!!

Gabriela said...

Wow-a tooth already?

My kids always loved the exasaucer too and I think I loved it even more than they did-somewhere I could put them and they had little chace of escaping (at least for a few months anyway).

Heather said...

That is amazing he has a tooth already. Ms. D had ZERO until she was 14 months. Now, at almost 17 months she has a whopping 7 teeth.

Anonymous said...

Cute photos!
What a happy, little guy!