Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Three cheers for the barf bowl!

I knew it would happen eventually. Schools are a cesspool of germs and other nasty things. All said I think we got off relatively easy. Evan missed his first day of school due to illness and he lost his second tooth.

Sunday evening I yoinked his tooth out, it was hanging by a thread and annoying me. The Tooth Fairy was a total slacker and did not come, but upon inspection of her gum stash it was revealed that she was missing the necessary supplies any way. Sometime that night Evan threw up in his bed and did not even wake us up, he just went back to sleep (odd kid). He seemed pretty ok if a bit too willing to curl up on the couch with his trusty barf bowl. Lunch time rolled around and we thought he was ok to eat a regular meal but he wasn't. The really surreal thing about lunch was that as Evan was loosing it Harry was eating his lunch and watching everything with great interest. That kid is utterly fascinated with the whole process.

The Tooth Fairy armed with fresh supplies tried to make her delivery Monday night only to smell vomit in the room. Investigation revealed that Evan had made use of the barf bowl and then went back to sleep despite us telling him to get us if he threw up again. The flashlight woke Evan and Harry up and the Tooth Fairy ended up having to quickly hide the delivery under a handy blanket. I never realized what a screw up the Tooth Fairy was since she was so reliable when I was a kid. Maybe they outsourced her job in order to save on labor costs.

The kids have been driving me nuts all day so I think they are all well enough to go to school tomorrow (fingers crossed).


chichimama said...

Ulgh. Vomit is the worst. Here is to hoping every one is still better by tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the only thing worse than having the stomach flu, is taking care of a young child who has it. Would affect my appetite for days---even if I wasn't pregnant!
Maybe Harry's future will be in the medical field?
At our house the tooth fairy often was late. Would explain that she was probably delayed because of a heavy work schedule, and to just check under the pillow tomorrow. Of course I'd feel guilty, but can't remember a child ever getting upset or complaining. Must be like waiting for Halloween or Christmas--- anticipation is a huge part of the fun.

Heather said...

Oh gosh what a rough few days! Our Tooth Fairy is rather masculine because the assistant fairy is too paranoid.

Tama said...

LOL! I have been there, done this one! I agree with the Tooth Fairy thing also! I never, ever suspected she was in my room and yet my kids caught her almost everytime.

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Sympathy on the illness. Hope everybody is feeling better soon. I suppose all tooth fairies get trial runs on the first child. I was the 2nd to last so my tooth fairy was tired and usually just handed me the $ without bothering to wait till night time. =) Which was good, cause by the last few teeth she might have caught me reading on the stairs...