Monday, August 31, 2009

Product Review

Disclaimer: I was given this toy free in exchange for this review.

My kids have a ton of toys, but the little kid inside of me can't pass up free toys, especially baby toys. Ebeanstalk sent Daniel a toy called a Skwish made by Manhattan Toy who specializes in developmental toys for kids. I had to wait awhile to write this as Daniel was not quite at the grab on and holding things stage when I received it. Daniel loves it, it has nice round knobs on the ends for him to gnaw on plus it has a tons of spots for him to grab on to. The toy makes a nice musical noise which helps keep Daniel interested in playing with it. The Skwish is deceptively simple looking at first glance but there are a lot of fun things packed into it for a discerning baby (even five year olds and three year olds seem drawn to it).

Now for what you all were waiting for:

Into the mouth.

Daniel is having a tough time deciding if he wants to suck his thumb or the toy.

So serious!

Bonus pictures:

Daniel has mastered both rolling from front to back and the tougher back to front. His favorite time to do it is when I am in the middle of changing his diaper.

Even more bonus pictures (I do have two other kids around here somewhere):

When I was taking pictures of the baby they wanted me to take a picture of the tow truck.


Vicky said...

Very cute baby! Very cute big boys!

We had a skwish thing when our Harry was a baby and it was very popular too. My husband would also play with it while watching TV. (What does that say about him.....?)

Crunchyconmommy said...

We had one of those. In fact, I think we still do, somewhere! We loved it... I should try to track it down.

Heather said...

We had something similar to that for our son. I remember he liked it a lot because it was easy to hold on to.

maw said...

We used to have models like that in Organic Chemistry to help us visualize the 3 dimentional nature of the molecules we were studying.
Give'em all a kiss for me

chelle said...

awww he is rolling!!! WOW!
Your boys are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Daniel looks so serious! Good toy. Of course the tow truck needed it's picture taken, too.

Midlife Midwife said...

Cute pics of the boys. Interesting toy...when I was a kid, our developemental toys were wooden spoons, pots and pans, sticks, rocks...ha ha. (That's what we did when dinosaurs roamed the earth!)

Tama said...

He is such a cute baby!! I wish I'd have had one of those toys for my kids. It looks really neat.

Amber said...

Ohhhh, that looks cool! Great review, my dear and your boys are darlin'.