Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Sigh

I hate to make this be a whiny poor Awesome Mom blog but today was a heck of a day and not in a good way and I need to vent a bit.

While Evan's teacher and school has been amazingly awesome I am very angry at the school district. When Evan's IEP was written it was stated numerous times that he would need a lot of one on one attention and therefore needed a para to help keep him on track. The school district had plenty of time to go out and hire him a para so that things would be in place for his entrance into school. They failed to do so and so far he has been having substitute teachers come in and help him out. At the beginning of the year the talk was well we just have to find the right person for him and that any time now we will get someone permanent. Today that changed to sorry we are no longer providing him with a para starting Monday.

I am furious! First off they waited until the end of the week to tell us (I am sure on purpose) so that we are scrambling to get him help for the start of the week. Next they are ignoring the opinion of the evaluators that wrote the IEP, Evan's teacher, the principal of the school and me who all think he needs someone to help keep him on track. As soon as I got home after hearing the news I called an advocacy group to get some extra oomph to my momma bear growl. The school district is not gonna know what hit them, because Evan will get what he needs and I am not going to stop bugging them until he does. They will not try and save money at the expense of my son's education.

The second set of issues that hit me today was both boys got in trouble at school for hitting. Evan tried to head butt his teacher, something he tries with Harry when they are fighting. I had a talk with him, one that I hope will sink into his brain. I also plan on harping on it every chance I get over the weekend for both boys. Harry's was more out of frustrtion and tiredness. He has been skipping his nap lately and it is catching up with him and when something went wrong at school he just lost it. I try and keep the boys from being too physical when fighting but I can't be everywhere at once so it seeps in. I am hoping that these are isolated events and a stern talking to will be enough.

I need some chocolate.


Midlife Midwife said...

Chin up. It will get better. My daughter was sent home from school for beating up the playground bully. She still turned out OK. Keep growling momma bear. Make that voice heard.

chichimama said...

You go Mama Bear! I hope it all works out for you. Will send some virtual chocolate...

chelle said...

Keep fighting the good fight. How totally frustrating for you and Evan!

Go eat chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I think that you need more than chocolate. I think you need a good lawyer/educational advocate that will whip the district and force the school to comply with their obligations.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Evan's rights are being ignored.
Getting help from the Advocate group sounds like a good place to start.
Can't believe that the school district is ignoring the IEP, teacher, principal, and all those reports from specialists that were done before Evan ever started school! No wonder you're furious. Advise (from my own past experiences) keep a cool head and stay strong. The squeaky wheel does indeed get oiled. School districts don't like bad publicity.

Amber said...

I'd be furious and frustrated, too. Agree on fighting the good fight. Do all you can and then accept what comes!

Gabriela said...

Sorry about your bad day. Keep on fighting and I'm sure you'll come out on top.

i hate it when my kids get in trouble at school. Not fun.

Eat some chocolate for me too please. :)

maw said...

I hope this week goes better

Tama said...

Have you considered home schooling him? You know, you don't have to do it yourself. When I lived in Wash. state there were a couple of mom's in my ward at church who home schooled their own children plus some of the neighbors. Or, maybe an alternative school. We had several in Colorado. They are WAY better than public school's ever thought of being. They aren't a "private" school so it doesn't cost a bunch of money, but they do want you to volunteer so many hours per year. I'd yank him right out of public school if it were me. The district only gets money if the children are enrolled and attending. If your child doesn't attend, no money for them! I can't believe the stuff public schools pull with kids! I have had more than one big arguement with some level of school official over my kids.

Nancy said...

Our school district is just as bad. I had to fight them for TWO YEARS to get them to accept DNR orders. They had a policy to start CPR and then let the paramedics stop it... only problem is that once CPR starts the paramedics are required by law to continue it. In a way I am so glad that Jessica is home with me all the time again. I worried about her so much when she was at school... but the teachers, TAs and nurses were marvelous and Jessica really grew a lot by going to school.

Hang in there! I'll hang in there too! ;-)

LOVE the photos!