Monday, August 03, 2009

Look! baby pictures!

I have been all wrapped up in back to school planning. Mentally I have had to prepare myself for sending my babies off to school. I have also had a number of appointments to go to and paperwork to fill out and supplies to buy. Evan starts on the 12th and Harry starts on the 19th and then it will be sweet freedom (or as close as I can get with three kids). I can't help but be anxious about Evan in particular. I want him to have a good time in school and I want him to have the tools to learn the things he needs to. Hopefully his IEP will be followed and I will not have to get squeaky.

Daniel is now three months old. He is such a cutie and is a rather patient baby for the most part. I still have to hold him a lot but he will also, on occasion, accept the swing as an alternative to mommy's arms. Sleeping through the night is happening more often than not, but he will now flip over in his sleep which will cause him to cry and wake me up. He is giggling and laughing a bit and is trying really hard to grasp toys that I hold out for him to look at.

Evan has also been making some strides developmentally. For the longset time Evan has just been scribbling when he "draws". When he was evaluated for school they thought it was related to his stroke and the new pathways he had to form to process the visual information. Lately he has actually started to draw recognizable pictures, they are of cars of course. I am quite excited about this and hope that it will translate to him writing.

This is Evan's picture of a tow truck carrying a car. I tried to get a picture of him next to it, but Harry went and erased it before I could.

Aww, how cute!

It just makes my heart melt.

Dome shot

This entertains him for five seconds and then he has to be out and on my lap.


Vicky said...

That's definitely a car on a tow truck! I could see that without being told. He's obviously way past the labelling his drawings after the fact stage.

What a cutie pie drooly gummy boy! Is he a redhead by any chance???? Strawberry blonds are the best.

Gina said...

Very cool! It's great when they start doing representational drawings, isn't it?

And, what a cutie, he looks a lot like his brothers!

Anonymous said...

Nice drawing. Looks like Evan put a lot of thought into it.
Sweet baby photos. 3 months old is a fun age. He's growing up fast!

Anonymous said...

is it a "deadly dome?"

Tama said...

What a cute baby! He definately looks like his brothers. Three boys, that will be quite the adventure over the next few years.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Oh, look at that baby! Daniel is so cute. I can really see that he looks like your other boys.

And I totally see the truck carrying the car! That's great. My son still scribbles too. I try to encourage the crayons and stuff for small motor development, but it's slow going.

Midlife Midwife said...

Glad to see you back on the blog sphere. Cute pics by the way....must take after mom with all that talent and good looks.

Amber said...

That is so awesome! And definitely a car on a tow truck. Only a boy. :-)

Love the "dome" comment!