Friday, August 01, 2008

Older is not always better

Sometimes I can't help but feel envy for Harry's firm convictions about how things should be. Did you know for instance that humans can not eat crab or octopus? Flies can eat poop and garbage. Rabbits eat grass and carrots.

I seem to be frequently amazed at Harry's developments. It has been fun watching him grow and it is fun to finally be able to have conversations with him. I think that part of the reason I am caught off guard with Harry is that certain aspects of Evan's growth have not come easy and have happened rather slowly. With Harry, he has almost effortlessly added new skills.

One thing that has come about with no effort at all is their excellent skills in whining. Right now Harry is having a fit because I let him play with a toy sheep that he was asking about. I also dared try to give him the hug he asked for. Evan is whining because we are staying home to do a bit of cleaning instead of going out shopping (where he will end up whining when I stop the shopping cart to look at anything and then will whine when we only stop at one store).

Where is my cheese? Humans can eat that too you know.


Jamie said...

I don't think it ever stops entirely once they start too..... I guess it turns from whining more to complaining, but just as grating on ones nerves.

Guinevere Meadow said...

I think all children are born with the ability to whine.