Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Valentine's Day Chocolate

I am working on a way to get my own chocolate this year. My husband is a bit upset but I have not been able to tell him the real reason I don't want him getting my chocolate this year. The reason: he gets the cheap crap. Every stinking time he gets me chocolate he gets me the waxy, tasteless cheapest chocolate candy he can find. It is torture to eat it, but eat it I must or I will offend him.

I managed to dodge the horrible chocolate ordeal at Christmas time by convincing him that I had plenty of time to pick some up. I didn't really but I made time to drag both kids to the store and pick up some of the good stuff.

Now it is Valentines time and I am tired still of the bad chocolate. He is already mad that I figured out his gift to me which I could really not help since he was making it in the garage and I have to go in there now and then too. I get so very little chocolate now I just want to make sure that at the very least it is edible. Maybe I could strongly encourage him to get it at See's Candy.

Generally I would just grin and bear it. That is just how I am. But lately I have decided to cut back on some of the more fattening things of life so when I do splurge I wish to actually enjoy it. Hopefully a great plan will come to my mind before the big V day. I will keep you updated.

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