Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The lesson was not learned

Evan's little pointer finger got nipped again so apparently my hopes were vain. For some reason known only to the tiny pea brained Larry, he decided to awaken while I was feeding Harry. Evan did his usual supersonic shrieking at the rodent's appearance and immediately made his way to the cage. I had to tell him several times to stay away but was helpless to actually do much about it because of the hungry baby in my arms. I look away to burp Harry and hear a shriek of pain. Evan is holding up his finger and it is dripping in blood.

If we were ever to have forensic investigators in our home looking for evidence of some sort they would probably end up very confused by what they found. Thanks to my darling child being on blood thinners and being a typical accident prone toddler we have blood droplets all over the place.

This time was no exception as Evan left a trail as I carried him upstairs to the first aid kit. The first bandage I put on ended up later being chewed off far too soon so there are also blood stains on Harry's bouncy seat. Of course I did not notice the stains until much later. The second bandage stayed on much longer because I taped the heck out of it.

I fixed the problem of tiny fingers and nippy rodents. I put some cardboard all around the cage to protect the animal and my son.

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