Saturday, February 11, 2006

Phone frustration

We have been having the worst time with our phone/DSL this week. The DSL has been in and out, the phone line had been filled with static and we have been getting some horribly rude guy's line crossed with ours. He was yelling at my husband while my husband was on the phone with the phone company trying to get the phone fixed. It has been like pulling teeth to get an actual person to come out and fix our phone line. Their idea of a repair timeline is anytime on a specific day between eight in the morning and six in the evening.

The biggest irony of this whole situation is this is what my husband does at work, fixing phone lines and stuff like that. The only problem is that he does it for the military so that he can't fix our civilian phones. The boxes are locked up to keep people from messing with them. I find it very annoying that if we lived on base this situation would have been taken care of in a snap and probably would not have even happened in the first place.

A fun thing did happen yesterday. We finally got a printer after going without for about two years. We got a pretty basic printer/scanner/copier. It does not print pictures very well but it is cheaper to get them done at places like Costco any way. The printer did not come with a USB cable that we needed to have it connected to the printer and the crooks at the store we got it from were trying to charge us $30 for it. My husband goes to Wal-mart and they are there (on clearance no less) for $9. HA! Ya gotta love a good deal even if the store has appalling labor practices.

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millicent said...

wow..hope your phone gets fixed soon. crazy that some guy would be yelling at YOU! like it's your fault?