Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I haz new computer!!!  It is total hotness and I love it a lot.  My husband is jealous of it since he short changed himself with the laptop he bought not too long ago.  I love him but sometimes he scrimps and saves on the wrong things.  We like to play World of Warcraft together and his graphics card was a cheap one so he has to crank his settings down to the minimum.  It was like walking around with out my glasses when I was playing on his computer.  My new one on the other hand can handle the highest settings in the most graphics intensive scenarios and it laughs.  That was the one thing I was insistent on is that I got a good graphics card in my computer.

My husband ended up getting a kit (some of the parts were already installed in a case) and then adding the rest of the parts we needed in, so it is a partial home built computer.  It is nice being married to an IT guy that can hook a girl up with a nice computer when hers breaks.  My husband is planning on trying to fix up the dead computer, just imagine him fixing up a junker car and you get the idea.  I figure it takes up less space than a car and will hopefully be cheaper.

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chichimama said...

Gotta love the techie guys! Although my computer is in need of an upgrade and mine is more interested in upgrading his than mine ;-).