Friday, March 09, 2012

Cute baby is cute and Happy birthday Evan!

It is hard to believe that Evan is 8 already. How did time fly by so fast? We had a small party with a few of his close friends (who all happen to be girls). I made him a clock cake because he had become pretty obsessed with clocks of late.

Here are some pictures of my cute kids. Daniel and Lily had some fun playing with the Legos that Evan and Harry left out.


Vicky said...

Cute baby is cute!

Big boy is BIG!

Can't believe he is eight. Horrifying. Tell him to stop it at once.

jo(e) said...

Happy Birthday Evan!

(Your kids are very cute.)

Awesome Mom said...

I wish I could freeze time or at least archive moments of it so that i could go back and relive the moments again and again.

Susie said...

I know exactly what you mean! Aww, thanks for the photos. I want to be a better auntie and read your blog past and present; starting now. Love you guys!