Monday, January 12, 2009

Ah well

Last week I talked with a dietitian and got educated about how my gestational diabetes would change my life. I got a good meal plan that (for the most part) is easy to handle and very doable. I was getting really good numerical results from my blood sugar testing but I was also having ketones in my urine (which meant that I was not getting enough carbohydrates in my diet). Upping the carb content of my evening snack resulted in fasting blood sugars that were too high. I can't cut back on the carbs because I and the baby need them, so now we are moving on to insulin.

I had hoped to avoid needing medication and I was so hopeful that I could lick this thing with diet alone, but my body says otherwise. It is looking like I will only need one shot in the evening before I go to bed, but of course that final determination is up to my OB who I talk with on Thursday. It will not be a big deal to poke myself one more time when I am already jabbing my poor fingers four times a day.

As a bit of an aside, Evan was very interested when he saw that I had to poke my finger. The process is very like the testing I do on him to check his blood thinning levels. He has even asked me to do it again just to amuse him. Both boys love to gather around when it is finger poking time and watch in fascination as I do my thing. I am pretty sure they are convinced that I am doing it for them.

The hardest part about the new diet had been the need to change my breakfast habbits. The placental hormones are strongest in the morning, so that is when insulin resistance is highest. That means that my bowl of cherrios and large glass of milk are gone and have been replaced by one piece of toast, a small glass of milk and eggs (which gives me wicked bad heart burn). Milk has been the hardest hing for me to restrict, I have discovered that I was the main milk drinker in the house because we are not going through it nearly as fast as we used to. I am looking into sugar free drinks because I am getting very tired of plain water and I refuse to invest my carb servings into juice because you get so little juice per serving. I still get some milk, but not nearly as much as I used to drink.

The main thing that is motivating me is the hope that I will not have another 10 pound baby. I would be nice to be avle to use some of the newborn sized clothing that I have stashed away. Evan and Harry were into 0-3 months at birth.


Beth said...

I know what you mean about the baby size! All of mine were 9.5-10.5 without the gestational diabetes! (And all were 38 week c-sections, which means they would have been another half pound had they gone to term). I'm really sorry you have to do the insulin. Very big bummer.

As for drinks, when I get sick of plain water, sparkling water can be a nice change. And you could add the merest splash of fruit juice to it to make it a spritzer without overdoing the carb count. For flavored sparkling waters, I really like La Croix, which is flavored but not sweetened (even artificially). So the lime flavor just tastes like carbonated water with lime in it, not like some fake version of sprite. I also like to make herbal "iced tea" which can give a nice flavor without adding much if any sweetener (real or artificial).

Good luck! See you Sunday!

Heather said...

Take care of yourself mama! I was lucky to not have GD.

Kate said...

Big bummer that you have to do the insulin, but it sounds like you are on top of taking care of yourself. Funny how the kids like to see mom get poked. My kids are always interested when I get a cut and have to use a bandaid. Kids must marvel at their parents pain. lol.

chelle said...

I drink a lot of caffeine free tea in the winter. Not sure what I will drink come summer!

Good luck!

Aunt Kathy said...

Awesome Mom with an Awesome Attitude

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Oh much sympathy. It is the milk I'd mourn too. We used to drink it at every meal till we started trying to cut back. We've been doctoring our water with a splash of lemon juice (about a Tablespoon per 1/2 gallon) to make it nicer to drink. But then we're both lemon fans.

Sympathy on the insulin. And sympathy on the lack of compassion from Harry and Evan. Though, I expect that's about par for the course with their age range.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I had GD with Bean. It was really difficult at first, but then I found the different foods that worked well for me.

I found that I had to eat cheese every night before bed.

Good luck and keep taking care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Both your 10+ lbs. babies were so adorable!--- yet understand the concerns.
I think a change in eating habits is hard because it's something you have to think about constantly, with some days harder than others. But it's doable, and it's worth it. That's my mantra.

Midlife Midwife said...

ahhhh, you are such a good mommy! I wish all my ladies would take such good care of themselves and their babies. You really are awesome!!!

Tama said...

I went from being a huge milk drinker to no milk when I had my youngest. I figured out, through a lot of sleepless weeks and lots of crying, that when I drank any milk or ate anything with milk protein in it that he would have terrible stomach pain for hours after feeding him. Found out a year later--his stomach can't digest proteins properly and he is allergic to all protein in general. I am so glad I never had to deal with the diabetes thing though! I'll take the special diet over sticking my finger and having extra shots any day of the week.

Hang in there!

Elizabeth-W said...

Well...I guess it's nice that you get to entertain the kiddos??? There ought to be a better silver lining than that.
I can't remember the last time I drank milk, as a beverage. My kids don't really like it, either. We're all going to have fractured hips when we're old.

Damselfly said...

Aw, I guess I missed your previous mention of having gestational diabetes. That's too bad you have to take insulin. It sounds as though you really know what you are doing, though, with the finger pricking and your diet. So, you rock!

I can just imagine Evan and Harry telling their friends or people at church that you bleed for their entertainment! hee hee! :)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

When I was thought to have gestational diabetes I remember the only thing that saw mw through was my evening ice cream. The diatician told me it was the best evening snack because the carbs were weighted with protein to see me through the night (but maybe she just made that up so that I could eat ice cream and not go crazy). It was hard to be restricted in my diet but I actually loved all the food education I received from that experience.

Guinevere Meadow said...

I fell in love with Minute Maid Light Lemonade while I was pregnant with Kiddo. I wasn't officially GD, but they told me that I was "only 3 points away" from having a positive result. So they put me on a diet as if I WERE.

Also unsweetened iced tea.

Try putting a little shredded cheese and a small splash of milk in your eggs. It makes them much tastier.