Friday, September 14, 2007

Bloggy Love

The lovely and delightful Karen (PediaScribe) has tagged me with the I Heart Your Blog award. It is hard to choose among all the great blogs that I read but I managed to pick a few out to share the bloggy love with.

  • Laura (Adventures in Juggling) is an amazing mom to four girls and a former preemie son who is now growing and thriving. She is also an awesome NICU nurse who is out there helping preemies and other sick babies.
  • Nancy (Are we having fun yet?) is a funny and friendly woman who I met through an email list for parents of kids with CHDs. Her daughter Jess has been through a lot of rough things and is still facing things that no kid should have to face. Her love for her family shows through her blog. I find it amazing that she can still have a sense of humor after all the stuff that she has been through.
  • The Midlife Midwife is a fun woman who had a great job helping women with their health and she also gets to catch babies. I love reading the birth stories that she posts. I wish I lived closer to her because I would love to have her take care of me if I am pregnant again.
  • Christina (A Mommy Story) is another hardworking mom of two lovely little girls. I thing that she could use a bunch of extra blog love since her eldest daughter was just diagnosed with Autism.

I had to add this picture, it cracked me up.


Kristi said...

And now I need to go check out some more blogs. Dang you!

chelle said...

hahaha that picture is awesome!

Jenifer said...

I second Christina's nomination, I heart her blog too!

Good choices!

Summer said...

That picture is great! LOL

Midlife Midwife said...

Thank you, I am very flattered! I happen to check out your blog on a regular basis and love hearing about you and your boys. I wish I were half as creative as you are about finding delightful pictures and stories about the kids.

Overwhelmed! said...

That picture cracks me up too!

Congrats on your award and I'm off to go look at the ones you've posted.