Thursday, June 15, 2006

Five Years

Today is my fifth anniversary of my marriage to my husband. Time sure flies fast. It seems like yesterday that we were nervously waiting for the ceremony to begin.

It was a crazy day that started early. I was super excited and scared so I did not sleep well that night. The morning was quickly filled with a flurry of last minute things that needed to get done. The flowers needed to be picked up, my hair needed to be one, the tent for our reception needed to be set up in my parent's back yard. Before I knew it was time to leave for the ceremony.

I rode with my husband to be because he had the room in his car to carry my dress. We followed my parents in their van. On the freeway when we were almost there we saw them swerve around something. We did not have enough time to do the same and ended up hitting a metal object. Running over this object caused a flat tire. My husband, in his suit, had to change his tire on the side of the highway.

We were late getting to the Salt Lake Temple but they built in a lot of leeway time. My husband to be had gotten his shirt very filthy so he ended up having to borrow one. Once we got all dressed and ready we were ushered into a very beautiful waiting area while our family was settled in the sealing room. It was amazing looking around and realizing that everything had been done by hand.

Soon it was time for the ceremony. After the words were said that bound our lives together for eternity my mother started crying with joy. I started crying a bit too. It was kind of strange knowing that now I was not just me any more but I was now a wife.

We had a ton of pictures taken, our photographer was great. We sent the rest of the family on ahead to our wedding dinner because we wanted some extra shots of just us. That turned out to not have been the best decision because once we got into the car and on our way to the dinner we got caught in a horrible traffic jam. The freeway was backed up for miles. We tried getting off and taking the back roads but by the time we got out of it so much time had passed and it was no time for our reception.

I had decided to go cheap so our reception was in my parent's back yard. I had not actually even wanted one since neither of us had grown up in Utah but my husband's grandma had decided to schedule the family reunion on the same weekend as our wedding so that more family could come to it. He had a very odd assortment of relatives let me tell you but it was pretty fun. My husband's stepgrandfather who is now over 100 was there cracking everyone up.

It has been a frustrating, wonderful, frightening insane and loving five years. I am glad that I picked my husband as my partner. He is a very good and kind man and I am lucky to have him.


GoofyJ said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet and endearing post, I loved it! :)

Gina said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to you!

Christina said...

Awww...happy anniversary!

Zephra said...

What a lovely story and a nice tribute to your DH. I hope you have many many more happy years together.

chichimama said...

Happy anniversary!