Friday, January 27, 2006

The fun of hospitals

Well Evan's GI doctor got back to us around four in the afternoon. She had us do the one hour drive to the Hospital's emergancy room where theoretically she would be waiting to put the tube back in hopefully with out anethesia. Didn't happen. We got there and waited for several hours before she even answered the pages that the ER people were sending her. She took one look at the hole and decided that it was far to tightly closed so that he would have to go under to have it put back in so we were admitted. All tond I had to entertain a cranky shild five hours before we got a "room". The "room" was not much of a room. It was actually a curtianed area so you could hear pretty much everything. Evan was super cranky by now because he has been with out any food all afternoon in preperation of the possibility of anethesia plus he had been poked a number of times to get blood tests done and an IV in to keep him hydrated. He was allowed a bottle which helped calm him down and put him on the road to sleep. He woke up super early this morning so I didn't get much sleep. It sure is a challenge entertaining him in such a confined space.

To top all of this off my husband is acting like a bit of a jerk. Complaining that he has to take care of Harry all by his lonesome. Waaa cry me a river. I would trade places with him in a second if I could. I am sure that he would quickly decide that a slightly cranky baby at home is way better than a really cranky toddler in a hospital. At least he gets to eat his own food and relax in his own bed. I am here typing away while Evan is finally napping in a room for the families of patients wearing the same clothing that I wore all yesterday. I would love to have a nap too but it is just too noisy for me to sleep.

I wish we were at the hospital where Evan gets his heart surgeries. I know all of the staff there and you get your own real room with a real bed in it. I guess I have been spoiled and now I really know it. It is not a children's hospital so it does not have the same amenities that are here but then I think you get treated better because they don't have as many kids. It feels so impersonal here. Sigh. I hope that they get on things and get the tube back in soon. I really don't want to have to spend another day here.

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