Monday, January 23, 2006


This has been one crazy busy week for me. To top it off I think that Harry is teething. He has this white line in his gums and when I feel it I think I feel something tooth like. Should a two month old be teething? I don't think so! I though Evan was super early by popping one out at four and a half months. I go to the pediatrician tomorrow so I will have him look at it. It could explain why Harry had not been going to bed like a good baby. I had to actually let him cry himself to sleep tonight. I felt like such a bad mommy but nothing I was doing was helping so I did nothing and now he is asleep.

I am hesitating to give him tylenol until I talk to the doctor because giving drugs to kids under three months can be tricky. They tend to hold on to them since their bodies are still maturing and some of the systems that clean the blood tend to not quite work as efficiently. This was brought home to me when Evan was a baby and in the hospital. The nurse gave him some morphine for pain control and he stopped breathing. Talk about freaky. Luckily there was an RT right there and she started bagging him while the nurse called the doctor down to give Evan a drug that would reverse the effect of the morphine. It was pretty intense for me since I was not used to seeing that sort of thing.

Topic change: I swear I am going to squish Evan's hampster like a bug. The little turd is incessantly chewing on his cage. He actually broke one of the bars by pulling it off of one of the the cross bars. Luckily he was not strong enough to pull it back enough that he could escape because if he had I would have just had my husband set a rat trap to get the bugger. I am so not having a rodent running free in my house. He is not a very friendly creature, probably because we don't handle him enough but we have very busy lives and he is mostly Evan eye candy any way. Evan loves to watch him move around in his cage. His shrieks are incredibly piercing.

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chichimama said...

Poor baby, poor mommy! Hope that tooth pops through soon!