Monday, December 26, 2005


I hate it when I fall asleep early in the evening and then wake up to go up to bed but can't fall back asleep. I conked out around 9:30ish and woke to the faint sound of Evan's feed pump going off which is what I was trying to stay up for in the first place. It had been going off for a good 45 min by the time I heard it. Luckily it did not wake Evan. Just as I was drifting off in my comfy bed Harry woke up for a bottle. He has not been eating as well as I would have liked because his nose is stuffy but after giving him some saline up the nose he ate a good four ounces. These last few days he has been falling asleep pretty deeply the second the bottle touches his mouth. I manage to keep him up enough to eat but it takes some patience. Which of course means that I am the one that has to feed him all the time because my husband is not nearly as patient as I am.

Christmas was pretty fun and busy. Church was nice. Evan was actually pretty good and only had to be take out once. He had bonked his head on the pew ahead of us and was crying really loudly. We kept him pretty busy by stuffing him with fruit snacks and playing with his beloved cars. Present opening was interesting too. Once Evan got one present open he was more interested in playing with that than opening other presents. He was also not really into the whole tearing of the wrapping paper thing either. Harry was doing his whole sleep eating thing in the middle of the present opening so I ended up opening mine one handed for the most part. My husband got a butt load of DVD's so we spent the afternoon glutting ourselves on them.

We are both huge fans of TV shows on DVD. I love the no commercial thing and it is great to watch them when I want and being able to go back and watch a part that I may miss due to a loud child. I also like that we will be able to share these shows with our kids when they get older and the shows are long off the air. I think that eventually if things keep going the way they are we may just give up TV all together and just watch the things we have on DVD.

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