Sunday, October 16, 2005

Angry pregnant woman has emerged.

Be afraid, be very afraid. I am in the last six weeks of my pregnancy and I am so ready to give birth. The last month or so of my pregnancy a new person emerges. I call her angry pregnant woman. The slightest hint of stupidity, any questioning of what I am doing or why sends me off in to a rage.

My husband is constantly questioning what I am doing and why so he often bears the brunt of my anger. Last night he had the gall to question something I was wearing, I about lost it right then and there. Luckily for him I was in a rush to get somewhere and there was not time to murder him properly. If I am gonna do it, I want to do it right so that I will get off. Hey CSI is one of my favorite shows after all.

Luckily all this rage is cured once I get the giant baby that is growing in my womb out. Then I get all doped up from drugs for the pain and all the world is right again.

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