Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I got a wild idea and came up with a plan to make Sonic the Hedgehog costumes for the older two boys. They love the game and the cartoon show (thank goodness for Netflix and the ability to see older shows). I designed the hood on my own but the rest was modified clothing.  Danny is Daniel the Tiger from the show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  He is a major fan and had a fun time being his favorite character. Lily is what I call an 80 aerobic instructor. I twas crazy fun fuzzing her hair up instead of what I normally do which is to tame it in to nice curls. She loved the leg warmers so much that I am thinking of making her a few more pairs.

1 comment:

Gina said...

Sooo cute! I love her hair! My daughter's is stick straight!

And yes, thank goodness for Netflix and the exposure to different types of shows.