Monday, September 20, 2010

Picture overload

I have been rather bad about posting pictures of late and I decided that it was time to play catch up. Here are a few from our last days in Kansas.

My mother sent me these plants shortly after we moved in to our house in Kansas. This year was amazing for them and they got huge! I was sad that we had to leave them behind.

This was a hydrangea that was there when we moved into our house in Kansas but it never bloomed until this spring. I am glad I left it in instead of pulling out because it was neat to see it bloom at least once before we moved.

The zoo held a special event for kids with special needs a few weeks before we moved. I thought it would be a fun way to see the zoo one last time. There was a clown there handing out clown noses and Evan was thrilled with his. Harry was having none of it and would not even look at the clown.

However he did change his mind after awhile when he saw how much fun we were having with the nose and got one of his own.

We got to meet R2-D2 and at the time the boys were not quite sure what to make of the robot. We bought a Wii while we were in transit to California and one of the games we bought was the Star Ward Lego game. Now every time Harry sees R2-D2 he tells everyone that it is the Harry Robot. Evan (in case you were wondering) is 3CPO.

While at the zoo they got to see some of the animals up close.

My boys! When everyone was all aflutter about seeing Iron Man they made a beeline to the Jeep and completely ignored everything else while they examined tires and other items of interest on the Jeep.


Ginger said...

loving the pictures!! i would be all over that jeep too unless it was the real iron man. mmmm he is hot :p

Anonymous said...

Loved the noses!
Yes, jeeps are cool.