Thursday, April 22, 2010

Movin on

We are going to be moving to California. It will be kind a sorta near where we were before, I tried to convince my husband that he wanted to move back to the same town we were living in, but the idea of a long commute made him cranky. Plus we have to move into housing, so really there is no choice in where we will live any way.

It is going to be different living in military housing, a new thing for us since before now we have always lived on the economy and been able to pick where we lived. I will greatly miss our back yard and family room. It was nice to be able to shove the kids outdoors while I was cooking dinner and still be able to keep an eye out for them. It is also nice to have a place for the kids to play that is not where we greet and entertain guests. It saves a lot of rushed picking up on my part and I will greatly miss that.

Housing has no dishwashers in the kitchens which is a grave thing indeed. My husband was reluctant to buy one of those portable ones that you hook up to the sink on the grounds that the pioneers washed dishes by hand and they lived happy and full lives. I pointed out to him that there was a reason dishwashers were invented in the first place and if washing by hand was so fun then why did the majority of dwelling places have a dish washer. This afternoon he came to me and mentioned that someone that was moving out was selling a dishwasher so I am sure that my point got through to him.


Vicky said...

Moving constantly is so hard, isn't it? I have to say I am happy that we don't do it any more, but we are lucky that so far DH has only been posted to within about 4 hours drive of home. Not possible for you!

What will you do with your current house while you are in the next housing?

chichimama said...

Glad it got resolved, but sorry about the housing situation...hopefully you get your dishwasher!!! When do you have to move?

Awesome Mom said...

We are renting the house out. We really have not had it long enough so if we were to sell it we would loose money on the deal which is not something that I want to have happen.

We will be moving mid June.

LynnieLee said...

We had one of those wheel to the sink dishwashers when I was growing up... it worked alright for a year or two, but then because such an awful leaky mess that we did the dishes by hand anyway. (Sorry, I know I'm not helping your case any here...)

chelle said...

ack we lived without a dishwasher in CA! It wasn't so bad b/c we had one child at the time. Cannot imagine three eating kids!

Maybe it is time to teach the kids to wash? Or dry?


Good luck with the move!

Tama said...

Well, sounds like another adventure. I totally agree with you on the dishwasher! I've lived with and without them and life is much better if you don't have to spend most of it washing dishes! Tell him that the cooking of meals will be greatly decreased in the event that you have to hand wash ALL the dirty dishes when you're done.LOL!

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Sympathy on the move. =( Will you be able to have local friends keep an eye on your renters if need be?

Oh, and is this the 'highly sought after area' or the 'not so great job' option that you've gone with?

Ya, I've lived once or twice w/o dish washers. But with kids it gets to be a nasty mess some days. =(

My mom has one of the roll around dishwashers (for about 10 years now?) and it seems to do OK. Not noticed any leaking problems. They do tend to wear out the faucet fixture they hook too. And it's very annoying to be w/o a sink while they run. We used one for 2 years in the trailer. My main complaint is that there wasn't any choice (everyone only stocks one portable, if any) so I couldn't pick a rack shape that worked well for the dishes we use. Oh, and it was $200 more dollars than a similar built in.

Awesome Mom said...

We are friends with our next door neighbor and there is a gal from my knitting group that lives down the street, so we will have eyes around to make sure that the renters are mostly behaving.

This is the not so great job option which has turned out to be such a bad job due to the fact that my husband researched it when he was lower rank. Now that he is higher rank he gets a much cushier job.

I would let the kids dry if I did not have to worry about broken dishes lol! Harry would love to hand wash dishes, but he is a nut.

creative-type dad said...

You know what makes a for a perfect dishwasher and doesn't cost any electricity? Kids.